Shiny Objects are pretty.

Shiny Objects captivate.

Shiny Objects distract.

One of the shiniest objects in business is the promise of new sales.

I’ve talked with many people this week, and I’ve heard the same thing over and over again.

I’ve always been good with money in my personal life.

However, when I got into business things changed.

When it comes to business, too often, people get caught up in the supposed gold rush.

Sure there are a few businesses that grow astronomical.

These are the shooting stars in business.

Much like the vast expanse that one sees when they look at the night time sky there are stars everywhere.

Untold gazillions of stars.

Every now and again, you will see a flash of light skirt across the heavens.

It’s spectacular, it’s amazing.

We call it a shooting star.

However, it’s not a star.

It’s a piece of rock, meteor, or ice that gets too close to earth’s atmosphere and burns up as it speeds along its journey.

The real stars are the ones that are constant.

They flicker and burn night after night.

Even when the sun blares so bright, it blocks our view of the stars; the stars still give off their light.

Tomorrow they will be there.

The shooting star is already disappeared, never to be seen again.

If you want to be successful in business, taking the star approach is the better way.

Build for the long term.

Be the constant one that people will see every time they cast their eyes up.

Longevity has its benefits.

The flash in the pan that is super bright today will be gone in moments.

A business built to last will be of service and shine for a lifetime.

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