There are time in life when one starts something completely new.

Have you ever felt like you crashed and burned?

Everything was beyond your control.

Or so you thought.

And then you realized you were always in control.

You can’t let life pass you by.

When you sat on the ground charred from the fire that almost consumed you…

Did you give up?

Did you think all was lost?

Did you fell like you were at the end of your rope?

The fire is gone and now you must rise from the ashes.

It’s time to catch fire in a new way…

A new way that propels you.

Much like the 160 million horsepower rocket that launched men to the moon.

A new fire must be built.

This time the fire must dwell within you.

This time, you the fire will launch you to your new destiny.

Grab hold of the fire and stoke it so that you can give it all you’ve got.

You’re a phoenix now.

Leave those ashes behind you.


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