I’m going to sound like an old fuddy-duddy with this next comment.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite activities was listening to the radio station.

I even pretended I was a DJ and curated my own radio show.

I had a large collection of music on cassette tapes.

I had my own radio show where I would talk a bit and then play music from my cassette tapes.

Other times I would listen to broadcast radio from the local FM radio station.

At times there would be static and feedback, so I would need to turn the dial to get to another radio station.

One year the local radio station had a contest where they asked the listeners to vote on their favorite song.

The winning song was Louie, Louie by The Kingsmen.

I’m sure you’ve heard the song before.  If not, you can watch The Kingsmen perform the song in the video below.


To reward the listeners for their love of Louie, Louie, the radio station changed its name to Louis 96.5 and played the song over and over again nonstop.

Remembering that brings a chuckle to my belly.

Listening to Louie, Louie once is fine, twice is ok, but after the third time, the song gets to be a bit annoying.

So I did the most prudent thing I could do.

I rolled the dial so that I could change the station to another song.

We experience the same things in our brains every day of our lives.

We ruminate over past events.

We worry about future events.

It becomes a continual loop of the same unproductive thoughts running through our brains.

When we experience those unhealthy thoughts, its time to throw down a pattern interrupt.

Acknowledge the thought and say to yourself.

Oh, it’s that song again.

You can even raise the corners of your lips with a smile.

Then say to yourself, I’m going to switch to another channel now.

We don’t have to live with unhealthy thoughts.

We just have to acknowledge them and move on to something else.

Next time you find yourself ruminating about something you have no control over, switch the station to listen to another song.

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