The next few weeks, people are going to wake of from a haze.

People will face new changes in their lives.

Some people will have to change their careers.

I’ve read some claims that we are now heading into a recession.

While I like to be optimistic, it would be foolish not to recognize the effect the last few months have had on global commerce.

Th economy is shifting so now is the time to evaluate your business.

It’s time to look at the market and the customers that you serve.

How are you serving them?

Are you still meeting their needs?

Remember this, no matter what the economy is people will still buy things.

The shift in the economy will present new problems for people and companies.

These new problems need solutions.

Will you be the one to develop those solutions?

Will you be the one who can solve the problems that people and businesses are facing?

Will you create a key to unlock the lock that is keeping people and businesses from progressing?

If you will focus your energies on solving problems that need to be solved, you will thrive in the new economy.

If you keep the status quo, you will be trampled by new economy.

Choose wisely my friend.

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