In today’s hectic business world, we are consistently bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day.

The Purple Cow by Seth Godin is a wonderful book about how to set yourself out from the crowd.

In this book, Godin states, “You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not.  You’re either remarkable or invisible.  Make your choice.”

The concept of the purple cow is that if you were driving along the road and saw a pasture with black and white cows.

You may look at the green pasture and enjoy the sight of the cows the first time, but after that, you would probably ignore it because it wasn’t a unique experience.

But let’s say one day you are driving and you see a purple cow.

What would be your experience?

Inevitably, you would do a double take and probably stop the car to see the purple cow.

A purple cow, that is amazing.

Why is there a purple cow?  Is this for real?

What is the point of the purple cow?

The point is that in order to be different in the marketplace, one has to be different.

At some level, we all want to be recognized as unique.

6.7 billion people on the earth.

How to be different?

Now the question is how to be different.

My answer is to embrace who you are.

Embrace what makes you unique.

That is how to be different.

One of the things that I really enjoy about meeting people is hearing about their lives and stories.

If there is something that you care about, talk with about it with the people that you know.

We have Purple Cow moments all the time.

However, we don’t show recognize the Purple Cow moments.

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