I have to admit that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking my passion for my work mattered.

I thought that if people knew how passionate I was about my work, it would be a key reason for people to hire me.

Here’s the truth.

Nobody cares about my passions.

And why should they?

My passions have nothing to do with what other people want or need.

What I’m passionate about in most cases doesn’t matter to anyone else but me.

People only care about what’s important to them.

People buy from me because they perceive that I provide them a solution that takes away pain or brings them pleasure.

If I talk to them about my passion for my product or service, I’m doing the last thing I should ever do.

I talk to them about me.

Instead, I must talk about how my product or service helps them.

That’s the only reason why someone should buy from me is because I help them.

With serving my customer, I have no place in the marketplace.

In the beginning, my customers have no trust in me.

In the beginning, I haven’t done a good enough job to build trust.

It’s my job to build trust with people.

Until I’ve built trust with me, they will never buy.

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