For the past few weeks, people have huddled themselves up in houses.

It’s a new phenomenon, but nothing is new.

Every day there is something to be afraid of.

I had a cat once who was scared of its shadow.

Some people out there are going into hibernation, much like the bears do in the wintertime.

While the timid take their naps for the rest of April, the bold will be winning precious ground.

The timid will see their futures dwindle away, and the recovery they so desperately desire will be prolonged.

Life isn’t about sitting down and taking what the winds of change throw in your face.

The bold take control of their todays.

The bold don’t let circumstances dictate their lives.

The bold do the hard work when it is the hardest because they know their work will not go unrewarded.

The time to act is when you are facing your fears.

The timid avoid fear.

They would rather live in their comfort zone.

The timid.

The timid blame everyone, everything, and everyplace for their lot in life.

The timid will never point the finger at the person in the mirror.

Fear is the perfect signal for the bold.

When the bold fear something, they see it as the signal for action.

When the timid fear something, they see it as a signal for retreat.

The timid will always lose out to the bold because the bold act when the timid retreat.

When asked who is responsible, the timid point their finger at someone else.

I am not responsible is the answer of the timid.

When the world is consumed with fear, the bold step up into that fear and act despite their fears.

The bold are bold precisely because of their fears.

The bold are not fearless.

The bold do not give in to their fears.

The bold innovate their way out of restrictions and complications.

The bold find a way to succeed no matter what.

Embrace your inner boldness today.

I don’t care if you are scared.

Get excited that you are scared.

If you didn’t feel fear, you would not know when to push yourself.

The thing you fear most is the thing you should do first.

Be bold today.

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