It’s easy to win the game when you make the rules of the game.

What if this thing we call life is just a game?

What if we created this life to see what we could make of our days on this blue marble?

Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball.

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, things change and you have to start figuring it out again.

Some people react with frustration.

“Who moved my cheese?” they say.

Then there are moments when you get knocked down and your wheezing because the wind got knocked out of you.

Anger, Pain & Resentment build.

Why did this happen to me?

It’s not fair!

Did you ever consider that you made the choice to have this happen to you?

What if what you’re going through right now is molding you to accept the next great reward that belongs to you as so as you jump through all the hoops.

The challenge is we have limited visibility on what’s happening in our lives.

We only have one perspective.

There are billions of perspectives that are slightly different than ours.

If we had perfect visibility we would proceed because we knew our efforts would be rewarded.

Bu then we would earn the victory.

We wouldn’t be victorious.

We wouldn’t have struggled and failed and fought the fight.

A victory without a good fight is shallow.

If you got in the boxing ring and a toddler with a pacifier was your opponent, nobody would cheer you on.

Nobody would be impressed.

Sure you beat up a baby.

Wow, that’s amazing.

But if in turn the baby hit you with a ferocious left hook that knocked you to your feet.

That would be impressive.

The underdog story is what inspires.

We want to root for the underdog who puts it all on the line and loses and fails then gets up again.

That is impressive.

What did that underdog have to do to become a winner?

The underdog wasn’t a winner before he got in the fight.

The underdog had to become a winner before he/she won.

Success is not something you achieve…

It is something you become.

You become successful because you do what success requires.

The price for success is great.

But the price of mediocrity is much higher.

Your days of life will pass by you whether you choose success or whether you chose mediocrity.

The price you give for success is your life.

What do you do when you’ve suffered that debilitating defeat for the 500th time?

Lower the bar.

Start with something you know you can win at.

You have to start with where you are.

Nothing builds winning like winning at a small level.

Get an easy today.

Pick one thing that you can be successful at 100 % guaranteed.

That small easy win will lift you up to a bigger win tomorrow.

It takes time to win big.

Best to start off with a small win and build on little successes daily.

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