Things can be exciting in the beginning.

Then as things get difficult, we learn if you have the mettle to do what it takes.

What if you quit two days into a new initiative?

Rather what if you quit two months into a new initiative?

You quit under both scenarios.

The only difference was the amount of time you spent suffering.

Why suffer if you’re not going to stick it out until you achieve your reward.

It’s just not worth the challenge if you don’t reach the peak.

Oh, you could say that you learned something.

But was the objective to just learn something?

No, the objective was to finish the job.

So what if it becomes difficult half way through the journey.

Does that mean you only give half of a heart.

No of course not. You’ve got to give more.

You’ve got to give it everything you’ve got.

What every you do in life will cost you a pound of flesh.

You might as well give the pound to something worthwhile.


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