Each day the sun sets for a period of hours and then the sun rises again.

The rising and setting of the sun each day is ubiquitous so that we don’t question if the sun will come out tomorrow.

Something drastic would have to occur for the sun to not rise tomorrow.

The sun rising is in realty a false perception.

What we perceive as the sun rising our portion of the earth rotating so that it faces the sun.

The earth spins around its axis and we are warmed by the sun’s rays when its our turn to receive light.

When we take a break from our routine, notice how quickly it is that we have challenges returning to that routine.

When we establish a habit, we do so because we believe that continuing on that path will get us the results that we want.

We can only control our actions. We can’t control the result because we don’t know when the result will come.

We need to measure our results to determine if our actions are the right actions.


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