Do you ever feel like your marketing is a giant vacuum cleaner sucking money out of your bank account?

What if instead of depleting money from your bank account, your marketing caused money to overflow your bank account?

How amazing would that be?

I’ve talked with several people that look with disgust at the amount of money companies spend on marketing.

They complain to me that marketing is a waste of money and that the companies should use that money for something else.

My response to them is that when marketing is done right, marketing should pay for itself.

Think about this for a moment.

Let’s say your bank runs a new promotion for all its existing customers.

Here’s the promotion:

Bring in $100 and well give your $200!

How quickly would you bring a Benjamin Franklin bill to your bank?

What if there was no limit to how many times you could exchange $100 to $200 with the bank?

How many times would you go to the bank with a crisp $100 bill?

Perhaps, you might be inclined to take the $200 that the bank gave you and get bank in the customer line to trade your $200 for $400.

Think about the possibilities of getting back into line over and over again to double your money.

Just think how amazing that would be.

You would become rich overnight!

That’s what I mean when I say that marketing should pay for itself.

When done correctly, marketing is like a money printing press.

You get a repeatable return on investment for every dollar you each time you pump money into the marketing machine.

If that example isn’t a good enough reason to invest in marketing that works, let me give you another reason.

Marketing done right enables you to grow and scale your business.

If you’re only relying on your personal sales skills and abilities, you will quickly cap out your ability to add more customers to your business.

The reason for this is you are only one person, and you have a limited amount of time each week to take new prospects through your sales process.

Even if you spent all your working hours to selling to your customers, you would have to start turning away people once you reached the end of a workday.

Furthermore, without marketing that works, you are going to quickly run out of new prospects that are interested in your company’s services and products.

Marketing that works provides you with a steady stream of new prospects that are hungry for what you’re serving.

Now that I’ve covered a few reasons why marketing is an integral ingredient of your business’s success, I’m going to share with you the three steps to guarantee your marketing gets you dramatically better results in the next 30 days.

Make Your Ideal Customer Your Best Friend

If you haven’t defined your Ideal Customer yet, I’m going to give you a quick hack to get you started with your ideal customer so that you don’t run around like a cat chasing its tail.

Take the next 10 – 15 minutes and make a list of your five favorite customers.

Next to each customer, write down what you like about each of these customers.

Next, write down as many details about these people as you can.

Are they married?

Do they have children?  If yes, how many.

Where do they live?

What do they like?

Why do they buy from you?

Where do they like to shop?

What types of cars do they drive?

What are they scared about?

What problems do these people have?

What questions do these people have?

What are the roadblocks these people run into?

If you want extra credit, ask these questions directly to your favorite customers.

This way, you hear directly from the horse’s mouth the answers to your questions.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to start looking for common themes between each of these customers.

Now that you have identified the commonalities for each of your customers, you have a good description of your ideal customer.

Congratulate yourself on creating your ideal customer!!

Stick your right arm straight out in front of you so I can give you a huge High Five!

Identifying and defining your ideal customer is the first step to creating marketing that produces phenomenal results.

By having a clear vision of your ideal customer, your marketing will be a magnet for your ideal customers.

Think about how much more you’ll love your business when you’re serving your ideal customer, and you’re not being drained by customers who are the dregs of society.

Working with your ideal customers is a dream.

While working with the dregs of society customers is a living nightmare.

Have A Clear Next Step

Every piece of marketing you place out into the world needs to have a clear next step of what you want your prospects to perform.

A clear next step tells your prospect what action they need to perform.

Let’s break the phrase clear next step into its three parts.

The clear next step includes the following three vital components.

  • Simplicity – you want to make it easy for your prospect. Remember a confused mind will never buy
  • Time – most people respond to what’s urgent. By giving a time frame, you instill urgency.
  • Action – nothing happens until a person takes action.

Don’t overcomplicate your Clear Next Step.

It needs to be easy for your prospects.

Here are a few examples of the Clear Next Step

  • Click the button below now
  • Enter your email address in the box now
  • Send me “Traffic Explosion” today

By giving your prospect a clear next step, you are moving them closer to buying from you.

Once that person buys from you, they are instantly transformed into a customer.

A customer is more likely to buy from you in the future than a prospect who has never bought from you.

The most important goal in marketing is to create a customer from a noncustomer.

If people are not buying from you, this is a clear indicator that your marketing is not working yet.

Notice I said the word yet!

Make sure that every single piece of marketing needs to have a clear next step.

Measure Your Results

Measuring your results gives you the superpower of X-Ray Vision.

Measuring your results is like putting on a pair of X-Ray Vision Glasses where you get to see what is going on in the minds of your customers and prospects.

The X-Ray Visions Glasses work amazingly well…

When you wear them.

If you don’t wear the X-Ray Vision Glasses, then you will like a person wandering aimlessly blindfolded in a gold mine.

In that gold mine, you’re surrounded by tons of gold but are powerless to amassing the wealth because you can’t see where to strike gold.

Imagine how frustrating this situation is.

This is much like a person trapped in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.

Water, Water, Water, Everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Now think about putting on the X-Ray Vision Glasses and being able to strike gold with your very next swing of the pickaxe.

By measuring your marketing results, you get valuable feedback on what works and what does not work.

With the priceless information of feedback, you are able to make proper decisions on where to do more work.

Let me give you one example to illustrate how this works.

Let’s say you record a marketing video and place it on Facebook and Linkedin.

On Facebook, you 50 views of your video and zero people move forward with your clear next step and click on your opt-in link.

Now on LinkedIn, your video gets 189 views, and ten people move forward with your clear next step and click on your opt-in link.

Now you know that your video worked got people to act on LinkedIn, but it didn’t work on Facebook.

With this information, you now know that you can get prospects to take action from LinkedIn.

It would be logical to continue to post videos on LinkedIn because you are getting the results that count on LinkedIn


It’s important to recognize that marketing works.

Just think how much money, time, resources, and energy people devote to marketing.

If marketing didn’t work, people would not bother with it.

Marketing done correctly is like a magical money printing press.

Marketing done correctly will multiply your cash and move you closer to your ideal business.

Three are three steps to transforming your marketing from a vacuum cleaner that sucks money out of your bank account to that magical money printing press.

Those three steps are

  • Make Your Ideal Customer Your Best Friend
  • Have A Clear Next Step
  • Measure Your Results

By following these three steps, you will guarantee that your business will get better results with your marketing this year.

Oh, one more thing…

If you’re looking to grow the profits of your business, email me at with the word PROFIT, and I’ll get you the details.

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