Have you had one of those weeks where you gave it everything you had.

At the end of that week all you are spent.

Yet at the same time you have a giddiness about you because you threw everything you had into it.

Take a moment to take yourself back to that moment.

How did you start that week out?

What drove you to throw everything you had into that week?

Was it worth it to throw everything you had into the week?

Have you been around someone who just emanated energy?

Now think about that other person who becomes a wet blanket when they walk into the room.

What type of person would you rather be around?

What does it feel like when someone is genuinely excited about what they are doing?

Can you catch that person’s energy and ride the wave?

What happens when you become the energetic source that lifts other people up?

Be a lifter of people so you can bring more energy into the world.

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