It’s easy to look at others and see the folly of their ways.

It’s easy for me to judge that other person and comment on why his way is the “wrong way.”

It’s easy for me to say my way is better.

It’s easy for me to be the Monday morning quarterback who would have done things differently.

It’s easy for me to talk.

Observation and action are two vastly different activities.

There’s an old saying out regarding an egg an bacon breakfast.

The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

How much different are things when one commits.

When I commit to doing something, everything changes.

My belief changes.

My actions change.

My resolve changes.

When I’m truly committed to something, completion becomes a foregone conclusion.

When I’m truly committed, the only thing separating me is the passage of time.

Commitment is transformative.

Commitment changes the future.

Commitment means wiping the mud from my face and standing up to take another.

When commitment exists, there is no such thing as failure.

When commitment exists, each day is filled with hope.

Commitment means saying no to things that distract.

Commitment is choosing to be better.

Commitment means leaving things better than I found them.

May today be the day that I commit to leaving behind minor things.

May today be the day that I have the courage to be more than I dreamed possible.

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