Most people already have too many things on their plates.

Between the demands of work and family, most people are looking for a respite, a way to make their lives easier.

People want to eat good meals, but they don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare those meals.

Someone develops the idea of a mail order meal service and makes it easier for people to enjoy good meals.

What are people struggling with now?

What are they challenged with?

Amazon made it easier to buy things from them by creating on click buy buttons.

If it takes someone ten steps to accomplish something, and you can reduce seven of those steps, you have made it easier for that person to get what they want.

Now when people are challenged with the disruptions of the changing economy they have new needs.

Things have been going wonderfully for many years and now things are different.

How do you help people navigate that change?

How do you make it easier for your customers?

Answer these questions and you will now what your next steps should be.

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