Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and felt exasperated because you didn’t get anything done?

I’ve certainly felt that way many times in my life.

And I still feel that way from time to time.

However, now I’m feeling that way less and less each day.

Most days each week, I feel like I have a productive day.

That’s not to say every hour of every day is productive.

However, every day is productive.

Each day is productive because I have dedicated time every morning to work on a project that is important for my business.

I choose to start my day early so that I can avoid distractions.

The best part about waking up early is nobody else is waking up early.

If everyone is sleeping, then I don’t have to worry about receiving emails or answering phone calls.

I am alone in solemn quiet.

It’s wonderful.

Me, myself and I are the only three people that need to be around to accomplish a lot of good work.

I’m able to have a clear mind free of distractions.

Without distractions, I can accomplish more in one hour than most people accomplish all day.

Distractions are the enemy of productivity.

Distractions diffuse my focus and drain my energy.

Each morning I have about two hours dedicated to working on my most important project.

Just think what you could accomplish in your business if you had ten hours a week of distraction-free time.

I can declare emphatically to you that you can accomplish more in five to ten hours a week than most people accomplish all week.

The big key is to do the work in a distraction-free zone.

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