There are many different ways to make money speaking.

I’m a big fan of public speaking because every time I give a speech, I make money.

The beauty of public speaking is that it gets in front of your target market.

When I stand up to speak before a crowd, I have something special in the room that nobody else has in the room.

I have the microphone.

The person with the microphone has the most authority in a room.

People see the person with the microphone in the room as an expert.

People are hungry to learn from experts.

People want to hire experts because those people want speed.

It takes a lot of time to become an expert, and people can only gain expertise in a few topics.

When speaking in front of the crowd, there is one thing that will make the difference between you making money with that speech, and you not making money from the speech.

To have make money, you have to have a call to action.

You will not make money from your audience if you don’t have a call to action.

People will not buy from them unless you have a call to action.

So next time you give a speech, tell the person what you want them to do.

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