In America we believe in dreams.

America is the land of opportunity where anything is possible.

At least that is the story we’ve heard over and over again.

We’re always hearing about the overnight success.

It seems so amazing when people reaches a viral status from something that seems so effortless for them.

They make it look so easy.

Yet we forget that it takes years of work to make something effortless.

There is always effort in the beginning, middle and end.

Look at any professional and it’s easy to proclaim they have natural ability.

That they are gifted.

We dishonor these people when we don’t acknowledge their toil to achieve success.

Two weeks ago, Mike Michalowicz launched his newest book Fix This Next.

That week Fix This Next reached number 3 on the Wall Street Journal’s Hardcover Business Bestseller’s List.

Amazing, book launches, and it reaches Wall Street Journal Best Seller status on the first week.

Yes, this would be amazing if that was the whole story.

But that’s not the whole story.

There was a lot of work on the back end that we don’t hear about.

Fix This Next is Mike’s sixth book.

That means he’s been at this book launch thing five times before.

His first book Toilet Paper Entrepreneur launched about twelve years ago.

It usually takes Mike about five years to write each book.

The book launch plan for Fix This Next started eighteen months ago.

Mike has spent years building a following and nurturing his audience.

As amazing of a person as Mike is, Mike is only one person.

He has accomplished a lot in his life, and I know he has much more that he wants to accomplish.

Yet, Mike on his own has a limited reach.

It took a whole army of people to promote and read Mike’s book.

What looks so easy isn’t easy once you realize the rest of the story.

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