Each Sunday I like to take a hike in the woods in my beautiful state of North Carolina.

I’ve been hiking with my friend Joe and we have a good time talking about life including work and our families.

Joe and I are about the same age and we both have sons that are the same age as well.

It’s fun to share to talk with Joe as we talk about lessons we’ve learned throughout our lives and the lessons we learn daily as we navigate the path of work and family.

Today was a more challenging hike than hikes from prior weeks.

It felt like we were walking uphill for most of our six-mile hike.

I often get caught up in the hike and every so often Joe will stop me to say, “Look at this Damon.”

Each time Joe stops me to point out something beautiful.

I chuckle now because I wonder how many times in life I’ve gotten caught up heads down walking down the path of life that I fail to stop to look around me to see the beauty of the current moment.

So often in life it’s not the destination that is important, but the journey that we should treasure.

We’re in the journey every day of our life, but we are only at the destination for a moment.

Don’t miss out on the journey is something I have to keep reminding myself.

Today we came to a bridge that was connected to a set of stairs and it was quite a sight to behold.

The way the sun came through the trees and the lush green leaves of the trees was beautiful.

This week as I go through my week, I’ll remember that bridge and stairs.

We have to continue on our path each day, but we need to stop from time to time to appreciate the beauty of each of our moments.

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