Teaching My Son to Swim

Every day I come home from work, and I’m privileged to hear my son, Levi, belting out “Daddy!!!” as he runs towards me and jumps into my arms for Big Hug.

One day he said to me, “Daddy, I want to learn how to swim.”

Not wanting to disappoint my son, I replied, “OK, let’s eat dinner, and then we’ll go to the pool.”

We got our swimsuits and towels and drove the two miles to the swimming pool.

I’m an average swimmer at best. I know how to tread water. I know how to do the breaststroke, the sidestroke, and the American crawl. I learned all these swim strokes to earn my swimming merit badge.

As we entered the water, I pondered to myself,

“I’ve never taught anyone to swim. How am I going to teach my boy to swim?”

That’s when I remembered the swim lessons I’ve taken in the past. I’ll just teach Levi what my swim teachers taught me.

So we started at the beginning.

At least 75% of swimming is floating. Once a person learns how to float, then they can begin to move across the surface of the water.

Without the ability to float, we all sink like a rock to the bottom of the water. Sinking is an undesirable result.

I instructed Levi to lay on his back in the water with his face pointing toward the sky. Now Reeeeelaaaaaax.

The key to floating is to relax in the water.

I placed both of my hands under Levi’s back to give him some support as he began his floating lesson.

Then I removed my hands, and he drifted quickly under the water.

We tried again. He stayed afloat for two seconds. Then four seconds.

Now he’s got it. We started a game to see how long he could float. By the end of that swim lesson, he got to 65 seconds of floating.

I was thrilled for him.

Then I realized there was something for me to learn in that moment.

When you’re swimming, the first thing to master is floating.

In business, the first thing to master is profitability. Without Profit, your business sinks and drowns you in the process.

Make a decision today to become a master of profits in your business.

You’re not going to learn how to be a master of your business profits on your own. You need help.

Submit a comment below. I can help you dramatically increase your profits.

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