Earlier this week, I posted my first video on two social media sites and I was fascinated with the results I achieved.

Before I share my results with you, I want to provide some context of why I was so astonished by the results of my videos.

I’ve been writing a daily blog post for more than six months now.

As of the day, I’m writing this article, I’ve published 212 blog posts in less than nine months.

In July, I committed myself that I would publish a blog post every day for a year.

I’m now halfway through that commitment I’ve made with myself.

Yesterday, I was wondering what will happen when I finish my year commitment to publishing a blog post daily.

I’ve thought that once I get past June 30, 2020, then I will scale back my writing some.

As you can imagine, writing a blog post every day takes time, and it takes work.

I probably spend north of an hour and a half writing each day.

How much will I continue to write once I get past June 30th?

I know I will continue to write a blog post each weekday.

This would put me at posting five blog posts a week.

Still a lot of work, but it would free me up from writing on the weekend.

As I thought about it more, I wonder if it makes sense to drop back on my writing work ethic.

After all, I really enjoy writing.

I love the process of starting with a blank Word document.

A few moments later, my fingers begin to tap away at the computer keyboard.

I’m off to the races with my writing.

There are days when I’m pleased with the writing.

Then there are days when I’m elated with writing.

It would be wonderful if I were elated each day.

However, that reality won’t exist.

Most days, when I finish my article, I get a sense of accomplishment at having writing something.

Now I’d like to share with you some stats about how my blog articles perform compared to my video.

For these first four days of January, I had 28 views of my articles on Medium.com and 26 views on my blog website for a total of 54 views of my blog articles during the first four days of January.

On Thursday, I did a Facebook Live video that received 50 views. The video was just over 5 minutes long.

I then uploaded that same video on LinkedIn and received 189 views of the video on LinkedIn.

Total views of my video equal 239 views.

I got 442% more people that viewed my content as video then when the content was written word.

That is a stark difference.

Here’s the kicker.

It took me about an hour from start to finish to record one video that got 239 views.

It took me almost five hours to get 54 views of my written content.

This week was a significant practical learning experience for me.

My video content generated more traffic than my written content.

And the video content took less time to create.

So, what’s a content creator like me going to do with this newfound knowledge?

I’m going to create and share more videos of Damon’s Business Stories.

It’s exciting to see my work start to gain traction.

By the way, if you’re looking to grow the profits of your business, send me an email at damon@www.damonyudichak.com with the word PROFIT in the subject line and I’ll get you the details.

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