As a business owner, the primary goal of the business is to make money.

Let me repeat this because it is so essential, the primary reason to own a business is to make money.

Too often, we get caught up in the weeds ad we lose sight of the most critical objective.

I’m harping on making money because I find that many ills of business stem from a lack of money in the business.

Most businesses fail in the first five years.

Why do businesses fail?

The predominant reason boils down to running out of money.

When the money is gone, the business is dead.

If your primary reason for owning a business is not to make money, then I have a straightforward piece of advice for you.

Do not open a business.

It is not worth it.

You will be living a life of constant frustration if you run a business without the goal of making money.

I’m emphatic about business owners focusing on making money because it is the most critical priority for your business.

I’ve seen too many people go out of business over the past twelve years to walk gingerly around the subject of making money.

The negative consequences of a failing business are disastrous.

I’ve seen business failure lead to tremendous stress, broken marriages, bankruptcy, loss of self-worth, and even suicide.

Owning a failing business is miserable.

My simple advice for you is this.

Don’t own a failing business.

I repeat…

Don’t own a failing business.

It is not worth it.

The best way to own a successful business is to make money.

In my opinion, all you have to do to have a successful business is make money.

You don’t have to make a million dollars a year.

You just have to make some money.

The little girl that sets up a lemonade stand on the corner of a street and sells cups of lemonade has a successful business the moment that girl sells one cup of lemonade.

That little girl developed a product and did such an excellent job at selling her product that she converted a person into a customer.

That little girl now owns a successful business.

Now that girl needs to continue selling cups of lemonade, and she will continue to have success.

I want to be clear about one thing.

If you have ever made one dollar in your business, you should jump around in a celebration dance because you have accomplished something the vast majority of Americans have not achieved.

You sold something.

Pat yourself on the back

Around 3% of Americans own businesses.

Many of the remaining 97% of people in America want to own businesses.

They want to be their own boss.

When most people gain success in their business, and the business grows, they lose sight of the primary function of their business, which is to make money.

When the business stops printing money, there is a defect in the company.

Many business owners know too well the slippery dance of having too many things on your plate.

There are so many distractions that arise when you become the business owner.

When you take on the mantle of business ownership, you take on the mantle of 100% responsibility for the success or failure of that business.

No longer can you pass the buck to someone else.

When the business fails, there is only one person to blame – the business owner.

Own your role as the business owner.

Your primary role as the business owner is to make the money printing press work.

When your business world goes to hell in a handbasket, you must remain steadfast in your role to ensure the business makes money.

Do not shirk your responsibility.

Now that we know your primary focus, let’s focus on the best way to make money.

The best way to make money is to sell.

Furthermore, the best way to sell is to make money.

Nothing in the business happens until the business sells something.

Selling is the boiling point of business.

One of the most pivotal points in history is the moment humanity learned how to boil water.

There is a vast difference that occurs with one degree.

At 211 degrees, all you have is hot water.

Hot water gets you nothing except a nice case of second or third-degree burns.

However, when water reaches the boiling point, everything changes.

When water boils, you get steam.

Once you have steam, everything changes.

With steam, you can power a turbine.

With a turbine, you can create electricity.

With electricity, our whole world becomes easier.

However, take one degree away, and there is no electricity.

One degree is the difference between success and failure.

The boiling point of your business is sales.

Nothing happens in your business until you sell something.

Before you sell something, all you have is a bunch of motion, frustration, and wasted energy.

Once you get to the boiling point of sales, you have magic.

The best way to make money is to sell.

Furthermore, the best way to sell is to make money.

Don’t overthink this.

When someone purchases from you, you have proof of concept that what you provide is worth something to someone else.

Until someone buys from you, your product or service is not good enough for your target customer.

Until you sell to your target customer, you have not created an offer that is good enough to convince somebody else that what you’re selling is worth more than the money that customer keeps in their wallet.

It doesn’t matter if you think what you’re selling is amazing or life-changing.

It only matters what your customer proves to you by giving you money.

If you want to be successful in business, you must get good at sales.

The only way to get good at sales is to sell regularly.

If what you’re attempting to sell isn’t selling, then recognize you have not done a good enough job selling.

Test out new ways to sell, and when you strike gold with a purchasing customer, repeat what you got with that customer.

The best way to make money is to sell, and the best way to sell is to make money.

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