Earth lives in the Goldilocks’ zone of our solar system.

If our planet were any closer to the sun, all of the water would boil off and escape the planet.

If our planet were further away from the sun, all the water would be frozen, and the planet would be a frozen ball of ice.

When astronauts went to the moon, one of NASA’s missions was the search for signs of water.

NASA scientists were thrilled in 2006 when they discovered water on Mars.

Water is the key ingredient to life on our planet.

Without water, life would not exist.

In business, cash is the lifeblood of business.

Without cash, the business ceases to exist.

Before money comes into the business, the business must pay the price.

The business must invest in its future customers.

The price for customers is trust.

Businesses must build trust in their customers before customers hand over their hard-earned cash.

Without trust, business fails.

Therefore, the true nature of building business lies in its ability to build trust.

Without trust, all is lost.

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