Now that I’ve circled the sun more than 40 times, I feel like I’ve gained some maturity.

Sometimes I’ll recall one of my moments of immaturity, and I’ll become filled with embarrassment.

How could I be so immature I’ll say to myself.

Before I completely beat myself up, I’ll remind myself that I was that immature because that was the person I was at that point in time.

It’s good to feel those painful moments because it informs us.

Jerry Seinfeld said, “Pain is a lot of information flowing into us to fill in a gap of knowledge.”

Yesterday I was walking with my eyes cast towards the ground.

All of a sudden, the top of my head throbbed with pain.

As I lifted my head up, I recognized that I had just run into a sign.

Apparently, I had a lack of knowledge because I wasn’t looking where I was going.

That sign brought pain into my life to teach me that there are more things I should be looking at then the ground below me.

Now I could have gotten mad at the sign installer who installed the sign too low.

But what sense would that make?

The sign installer simply installed the sign where he was instructed to install the sign.

It was my fault that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my surroundings.

I accepted my role in the outcome of a bump on my head.

It was my fault that I ran into the sign.

The highest form of maturity is to accept 100% responsibility for everything in your lives.

Take this thought in for a moment because there is great power within its words.

Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

You will transform your life when you fully take 100% responsibility for your life.

If you don’t like your current status of life, you have only one person to blame.


You got yourself into this mess.

Boy, that sucks.

Boy, that’s painful.

Boy, that’s amazing.

When I learned that I was 100% responsible for everything in my life, I was filled with a sense of empowerment.

If I am 100% responsible for everything I receive in my life, then there is hope.

If I got myself into a mess…

Then I could get myself out of the mess.

When I accepted 100% responsibility for everything in my life, I realized that I was 100% in control of my life.

That is the dream of every child.

I want to be in control!

It was horrendous when my parents told me I could do something.

When I asked why, my parents responded with the worst thing in the world.

“Because I said so!”

I didn’t realize the truth that was sitting in front of my face my whole life.

I always had 100% control of my life.

I was blind.

Now I see.

This reminds me of a scene from my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy and her ragtag band of the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow had just defeated the wicked with of the west with a bucket of water.

They return to the Emerald City and become deeply disappointed when they learn that Oz, the Great and Powerful doesn’t have the power to get Dorothy back to Kansas.

Suddenly a pink bubble appears in the sky and floats down to the ground.

As the pink bubble vanishes, Glinda, the good witch, appears in her pink gown, golden crown adorning her head and magic wand held steadfastly in the air.

All the munchkins bow in honor of the good witch as Glinda gracefully glides over to Dorothy and her friends.

“Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?” implores Dorothy.

“You don’t need to be helped any longer. You always had the power to go back to Kansas,” replies Glinda.

Dorothy looks around in bewilderment.

“I have?” asks Dorothy.

“Then why didn’t you tell her before?” asks the Scarecrow.

“Because she wouldn’t have believed me.  She had to learn it for herself,” responds Glinda.

What have you learned, Dorothy?” asks the Tin Man.

“Well, I think that… That it wasn’t enough to see Uncle Henry and Aunty Em. And its that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard.  Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with. Is that right?” asks Dorothy.

“That’s it is,” responds Glinda.

“But that’s so easy. I should have thought of it for you.” says the Scarecrow.

“I should have felt it in my hear,” says the Tin Man.

“No, she had to find it out for herself. Now those magic slippers will take you home in two seconds.” Says Glinda

Then with three heel taps of the ruby slippers and uttering the words, “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy returned to Kansas.

Dorothy had the power all along to return to Kansas.

She was blind to her power.

We, much like Dorothy, have the power to be 100% in control of our lives.

The only thing we have to do to gain 100% control is to take 100% responsibility first.

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