Today as I went for my lunchtime walk, I came across a young girl and her father.

The young girl was straddling a bicycle.

Her father was holding the seat in an effort to keep the bicycle balanced.

I imagine the young girl had spent months telling her parents how much she wanted a brand new bicycle.

Perhaps she even wrote a letter to Santa Clause detailing that she wanted a pink bicycle with plastic streamers attached to the handlebars.

There she stood with her brand new bike.

Yet she didn’t know how to ride it.

I could tell from her responses to her father that she was scared to ride the bike.

The wobbling back and forth that occurs when first learning to ride a bike is unnerving.

However, the only way to learn to ride a bicycle is by riding the bicycle.

The bicycle is designed to stabilize with some speed.

However, as the bicycle slows to a halt, it’s harder to remain balanced on the bike.

Very few people are able to keep a bicycle vertical at a complete standstill.

It takes motion for the bicycle to work.

The bicycle falls over when it is not moving forward.

So, it is with us and our businesses.

We have to move forward, or we stagnate and dwindle.

While we may feel uncomfortable at first when starting something new, with some effort, we begin to gain our balance.

And with some practice, we get good at what we are doing.

To become great, we first have to become good.

Before we are good, we are bad at what we do.

In the beginning, we are always bad when we start something new.

It’s time to accept that being bad is part of the process of being great.

If we wait around trying to be great without being bad first, we will be stuck in the same position for a very long time.

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