Oh, things will be different they say.

We’ve got to adjust to how things are going to be.

When this pandemic is over things will be different.

But will they be different?

I remember 19 years ago when four airplanes crashed and thousands of people tragically died.

The national resolve that there was a before 9-11 and an after 9-11.

Never forget we cried out as our hearts wept collectively as a wounded nation.

People were scared to fly on airplanes.

Everyone was on edge.

Troops from the National Guard stood strategically throughout our airports complete with Kevlar helmets, bulletproof vests and M-16s.

A show of security for a public that was scared to fly.

We were all in mourning.

We were all scared.

Security measures increased to give us a sense of calm.

Things were different for a season and then they returned back to the way they had been.

Except now we have to take our shoes and belts off.

But until recently we were traveling more by plane than we were 20 years ago.

Is there really such a thing as an after 911 anymore.

What was life like before the bubonic plague?

Did people talk about a before bubonic and an after bubonic?

Did people pledge to be different people if they made it through the Black Death?

Will people be different after the events of this current disruption?

In most cases, people will return to their normal lives.

People will move on.

Those that loose jobs, family members, business will find a way to rebuild their lives.

Those that go through hard times will figure out a way to renew themselves.

Yesterday, I became angry by some thought of why we are all in lock down.

It’s their fault I said to myself.

I even shared my feelings of blame with a few other.

Then I took a moment and asked myself.

What good does it do to blame someone for our current circumstances?

What good will come to me by blaming this person or that person?

What solution will come to me if I continue to play the blame game?

I concluded that blaming was not going to move my life forward.

For some time yesterday it felt good to let those feelings of blame boil up in me.

However, I knew enough was enough.

Blaming someone or something for my current circumstances will not solve any of my problems.

I have to move past that blame game towards a solution.

Events such as the ones were living in can be tragic…

If we let them.

Events such as these can be a crucible that transforms…

If we let them.

We are the deciders of our fate.

We decide daily how we will lean into our lives.

Will we be proud of the day we lived today?


Will we be ashamed of the day we lived today?

There will never be a new normal.

And why would we want a new normal anyway?

Sure we can accept that things have changed.

But how is that different before this pandemic captured the attention of our national soul?

Things change every day.

It is normal for things to change.

We’ve never seen this before some will say.

How is that different than yesterday.

Every day of every year of my life is different than the one before or after it.

There is no new normal and there never will be.

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