In the beginning, we get into business to make money.

We begin with self-interest.

Self-interest serves until it doesn’t.

Service to others serves others until it doesn’t.

When service to others overextends us and we give too much of ourselves…

Then we deplete ourselves, and we dwindle our reserves.

We can’t give to others what we don’t possess.

If we run ourselves ragged in the process of serving others, we shortchange ourselves.

When we give to others, it is a two-sided coin.

Both sides of the coin must benefit.

Listening to our self-interest helps us takes care of ourselves.

There has to be a win in it for us.

We must be replenished by serving others.

Otherwise, we are splaying ourselves in a fashion that will rob us of the opportunity to give in the future.

In order for it to be equitable, there must be a win for everyone involved.

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