Things go up, and things go down.

At times we try to build these perfect little boxes to protect us from the uncertainty of change.

Why do we abhor change?

The next few months will certainly be filled with change.

Why not embrace that change?

Why not look at this as an opportunity to explore?

Why not look at this as the next step in a great new adventure.

Sure, things will have to be left behind.

There will be struggles as we find our new path.

There will be adjustments we have to make.

What if the change we face now, leads to something better?

What if the change we face now, lights our way to new fulfillment?

What if now we can unshackle ourselves from what has been weighing us down?

The past week has reminded me of the importance of focusing on caring for and serving others.

We have new restrictions.

This time right now is perhaps the spawning of innovations in the way we conduct business.

Have we been resting on our laurels?

Have we needed something to open our eyes to a different way of doing things?

Teddy Roosevelt’s father reputedly told his son to Take Action.

We can’t let our present circumstances paralyze us into inaction.

Now is the time to start a new adventure.

Change is constant. You can either embrace it or let it plow you over.

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