People are having to make tough decisions currently about how they’re going to keep their business afloat.

Keeping a business afloat is the operative phrase for today.

Without a captain, the boat will run aground or, worse yet, run into an iceberg.

Then that boat that held all the hopes and drives sinks swiftly to Davey Jones’s Locker.

The captain of the boat is the one that makes the boat a seaworthy vessel.

If there is no captain, the boat stays put in the harbor.

The same relationship exists with business owners and their businesses.

Business owners and their businesses are inextricably tied to each other.

Business owners pour their blood, sweat, tears, and life energy into their businesses.

Too often, the business owner sacrifices themselves for the “sake of the business.”

They continually “reinvest” in their businesses to keep it afloat.

They mistakenly think that if I sacrifice today, I’ll get my reward tomorrow.

The problem is that tomorrow rarely arrives, and business owners find themselves caught on a treadmill hoping to survive until tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes because as soon as we think we are in tomorrow, it is today.

Today is the only day that we ever really live in.

We can’t rely on tomorrow to save us because tomorrow doesn’t exist.

If we want things to get better, we have to make them happen today.

Business owners are the most valuable people in the businesses, and they must be compensated for the value they bring to their business.

If businesses are to stay afloat, they must keep their owners well compensated.

When it comes time to cut expenses, the last person to get a haircut is the business owners.

If the business owners don’t get paid, then nobody else in the business deserves to get paid.

Many businesses are now going through cost-cutting measures.

They are trying to make hard decisions that must be made.

If a business isn’t making enough money to pay the business owner a living wage, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the business.

One of the first questions business owners must answer is, “How can we ensure that the business owners get paid enough to feed themselves and their families.

The first priority is to make that business owner enough money.

Until the business gets that owner paid appropriately, the business has no reason to exist.

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