There is a principle that we take as much of one resource as is available to us.

It doesn’t matter what the resource is.

It could be time.

It could be money.

It could be food.

Or it could be any manner of things.

We will use up what is in front of us.

Think about the last time you ate a meal.

Did you eat everything on your plate?

I remember my mom telling me to eat everything on my plate.

Remember those stories about how we should be happy for the food we have on our plates because there are starving children in Africa.

If we have three weeks to complete a project, how long will it take to complete that project.

If you’re like most people it will take you three weeks to complete that project.

What if you had only one week to complete that same project?

How long would it take to complete that project?

It would take one week to complete project.

So if you want to improve your productivity, reduce the amount of time that you give yourself to complete that project.

Use a deadline and force yourself to stick to the deadline.

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