I spent my first two years of college in Idaho.

Having grown up in North Carolina, Idaho was vastly different from my hometown.

I arrived in the land of potatoes in August, and I was excited to be on my own finally.

No parents to hold me to a curfew.

I finally had the chance to spread my wings and learn how to fly through life on my terms.

Boy was I in for a surprise when wintertime came.

It seemed like it snowed forever.

I remember the first snowfall that first winter.

It was a torrential downpour of snow.

It seemed like it snowed every day that winter.

I lived in a small college town that didn’t plow the roads once during the two winters I stayed there.

Instead, the town applied red volcanic ash to the roads.

I remember one evening watching the snowfall.

I remember one of my science teachers, telling me that every snowflake was unique.

No two snowflakes were alike.

I’m not sure I believed it then, and I don’t know if I believe it now.

How do we know if no two snowflakes are alike if we haven’t seen all of the snowflakes?

There is science behind the statement no two snowflakes are alike.

The science has to do with the crystallization process water goes through as it becomes snow.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the growth of a snowflake.

The humidity in the air.

The temperature in the air.

The particulate matter in the air.

All of these items cause a snowflake to grow differently.

The science states that none of the factors affecting the growth of a snowflake will ever be identical.

Since the factors that affect snowflake growth will never be identical, it follows that no two snowflakes will ever be identical.

The same could be true of our business interactions.

Every customer that comes to hire me is unique and thus deserves the care that a unique person should receive.

Sure, I can have a standard way of doing business and delivering my services and products to my customers.

However, I can’t be too rigid in the delivery of my services and products.

There is still a need to personalize for the person.

The human connection is still important.

I would suggest that human personal connection is more important now more than ever.

By making the customer experience personal, we honor the uniqueness of each of our customers.

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