The Illuminati control the world.

Their sole purpose is to gain more control.

They want to control money.

They want to control resources.

They want to control people.

The Illuminati stay in power by pushing the masses down.

The Illuminati do everything they can to usurp power from the masses.

If the masses were to figure the dastardly deeds of the Illuminati, the masses would gain.

The masses would gain power again and yell out, “Off with their heads!!”

One of the most important tool the Illuminati use to maintain their rule over the masses is confusion.

Think about it for a moment.

How else can you explain the sad state of affairs, so many Americans live in?

Earlier this year, we in America experienced the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

The government shutdown caused havoc for many Americans.

More importantly, it highlighted the financial insecurity of the average American.

Let’s ponder on the following shocking statistics.

  • Almost 80% of Americans claim that they live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Almost 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.
  • Average credit card debt per household is over $8,000.

I read these statistics, and I am shocked.  This is a financial disaster waiting to unfold.

I’m outraged.

Eleven years ago, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy which marked a significant turning point in the US economy.

The subprime mortgage market, credit default swaps, and mortgage-backed securities were major causes of the wreck that was the Great Recession.

The Great Recession was a painful, scary, and tumultuous time for me as well as many Americans.

The Illuminati reared its mighty head and did what it does best when it yielded its powerful sword of confusion.

One of the most astounding ways the Illuminati confuses the masses is by complicating money.

Money is not complicated.

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that money is complicated.

I remember when I was in college, and I told people that I was studying accounting.

The most common response I heard from people was, “Wow, you must be good at math.”

To which I replied, “Yes, I am good at math.  I know how to add, and I know how to subtract.”

The math required to do accounting I so simple my seven-year-old son can do the math.

Here are the five core concepts you need to know about money.

  1. Every month, money comes into your life, and money leaves your life.
  2. Money coming in > Money going out = You are happy.
  3. Money coming in < Money going out = You are miserable.
  4. Always pay yourself first.
  5. Spend less than you earn.

If you understand and apply those five money concepts every month, you will have no need to worry about money.

However, the Illuminati want to confuse you about money.

The Illuminati wants to confuse you so they can separate you from your money.

If they separate you from your money, then the Illuminati are one step closer to controlling you and everything that you hold dear.

Of all the things in life, money is one of the simplest concepts in life.

If the Illuminati can succeed in confusing the masses with the simplest concept in life, they can wreak havoc on every other area of your life.

And the Illuminati are succeeding.

Just think about how many people that you know that slave away at a job they hate working with and for people that make their lives miserable.

People put up with the nightmare for the majority of their waking hours because they need the money.

It goes even further than this.

The whole money system is stacked against the masses.

Ponder these important items:

  • The education system does almost nothing to teach students about how money.
  • Credit cards, the epitome of financial enslavement, are given out to anyone that can fog a mirror.
  • 70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending.

The average American goes to work, so they can get money to spend on things that will be forgotten about 30 days later.

The financial deck of cards is stacked against the average Americans.

The worst part about this is most Americans are clueless about money.

The unknown secret about money is there is no secret.

Getting control of money boils down to three simple actions:

  1. Pay yourself first.
  2. Spend less than you earn.
  3. Repeat actions 1 & 2.

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