This article is the 237th post that I’ve written since May 1, 2019.

When I started 2019, I had no idea that I would be writing a blog.

Let alone write hundreds of articles in less than a year.

I had written a blog many years ago.

But I didn’t stick with it.

When I started writing last year, I was reminded of how much I enjoy writing.

This morning as I sat down to write, my mind went blank.

I guess that’s what they call writer’s block.

I call it hitting a wall.

I take that term from my running does back in high school.

The term hitting the wall refers to what happens when runners lose their energy stores.

One moment they are running swiftly, and then all of a sudden, they slow down to a snail’s pace.

When you look at a runner who hits the wall, it looks like they run into an invisible wall that halts their progress.

So here I am at the end of my day, and I still haven’t written my article for today.

That is why I’m writing about the challenge I faced today as I hit the wall in my writing today.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because I made a commitment to myself that I would write a blog post every day for one whole year.

There have been days when I wanted to go to sleep instead of writing a blog article.

There were days where I struggled to come up with words to write.

Today happens to be one of those days.

This will not be my best article.

I’ve written several other articles for which I wrote something amazing.

Perhaps nobody will read this article.

Perhaps many people will read this article.

Either way, I’ll be happy because as much as I want to share my knowledge with other people, I’m more interested in keeping my commitment with myself.

I’m more interested in applauding myself on July 1, 2020, for writing 365 articles over the last 365 days.

I can’t imagine the sense of accomplishment I’ll have with myself for having stuck with something every day for a year.

Here I am in my mid-forties, and I don’t think I have ever done one thing every day for an entire year.

There is an amazing power that comes from consistency.

Consistency is one of the most beautiful words in the world.

It takes grit to be consistent.

It takes commitment to be consistent.

It takes character to be consistent.

People trust consistency.

Think about the sun.

Is there any reason to doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow?


Why, because every day of my life the sun has risen.

Every day of my life, light followed darkness.

Light follows darkness.

When we go through dark times, consistency will move us past those dark times.

As long as I keep pushing through the pain, I will get to the other side of the pain.

One of the biggest lessons I learned about consistency came while I was a marathon runner.

The day after I ran my first marathon, the following thought came to my mind.

The key to completing a marathon is to put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles.

Each marathon I ran took longer than I wanted or planned to complete.

Each marathon started with excitement at the beginning, pain in the middle, a desire to quit while suffering that pain, and then the finish line.

With each of those marathons I started, the main goal was to complete the race.

Despite the pain that screamed through my legs, I kept pushing on.

I kept consistently putting one foot in front of the other.

If I had stopped putting one foot in front of the other, I would not have finished the race.

Was it worth it to finish the race?

Yes. It was worth it.

So the main point of this article is to be consistent.

Even when you don’t want to be consistent…

Be consistent.

You will become the person you want to become by being consistent.

Are you interested in consistent profitable growth for your business this year?

If you’re looking to grow your business profits and having more cash in the bank, send me an email at with “PROFIT” in the subject line… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

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