No one is an island.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

We are born with a legacy that we didn’t earn.

To think otherwise is to disrespect the gifts we’ve been given.

Certainly, we make something of our lives.

It’s not just the “good” gifts that are important for us.

It is also those gifts of trial, challenge, trauma and heartbreak that we have made us who we are.

If it weren’t for the “bad” we received in our lives, we might not have had the burning desire to live our lives in a different way.

There have been people in my past who caused me pain.

I took that pain and transformed it into something better.

Much like a lump of coal that undergoes extreme heat and stress changes the state of carbon into a stone of beauty.

If we only see the pain of those experiences, we remain blind to the good of those experiences.

Every coin has two sides to it.

So, each of our experiences has more that on facet.

For every optimist there is a pessimist.

This reminds me of two young girls that received a present.

Each girl opened up the present.

Each present contained horse manure.

One girl became outraged at such a vile gift and went to her room with sobbing in pain.

The other girl became elated and asked where the pony was.

We design our lives.

We all have been given a hand of cards to play.

What we do with those cards will determine the quality of life we enjoy.

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