There’s a saying that goes something like this…

We were given two ears and one mouth.  We should listen twice as much as we talk.

Often this is easier said than done.

We all love to hear ourselves talk.

Some of us are in jobs where we spend most of the day in front of a computer.

I spoke with my friend John yesterday, who is a professor at a local university.

He studies neuroscience.

The only thing I know about neuroscience is that it is the study of the brain.

My only exposure to anything brain-related was the Psychology 101 course I took in college.

I asked him why someone would study neuroscience unless they were in the medical field.

John then went on to explain to me all the areas where neuroscience is important.

One of the things shared with me was understanding how the brain works is important in teaching, marketing, and many other fields than just medical related fields.

As we talked further, John mentioned that this fall there were more incidents of anxiety and depression reported to the college counseling center than entire prior school year.

It hasn’t been yet determined why there is a spike in anxiety and depression incidents yet.

It’s also hard to determine if there are more incidents now than in the past.

It’s possible that there is less stigma related to anxiety and depression than in the past.

Consequently, more people are willing to seek help.

I commented to John that I think we as a society are more isolated than we’ve ever been.

Isolation is not a good thing for us humans.

We are social creatures, and we benefit from interacting with others.

I’m one of those where the majority of my workday is spent behind a computer screen.

A few weeks ago, I changed up my routine, so to get me around other people.

I start my day at the local coffee shop and write my daily blog post.

It gives me the opportunity to talk with the baristas that work there.

It seems like a small change.

Sometimes small changes have large impacts.

Getting to talk with people of simple things has added some happiness to my day.

Interacting face to face with people gives me something additional to look forward to.

Too much of our life has pushed us away from interacting with people.

The lack of interacting with people has weakened our humanity.

We’ve become less patient.

We’ve become less tolerant.

We’ve become more self-centered.

We are a human family and we need to interact with others more.

Nothing can replace genuine human interaction.

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