It was 25 degrees, and there I was at the bottom of the waterfall soaking wet from head to toe.

I thought I took all the precautions to keep myself safe, but I lost my grip and slid down the 40-foot waterfall.

I stood up and to check if I had any injuries, and fortunately, the only thing that hurt was my thumb that got jammed up during my tumble down the water.

I gathered my bearings and everything I dropped down the waterfall.

I couldn’t go back the way I came, so I knew I would be spending the night in the frigid air.

I quickly started a fire so I could make my dinner and warm my chilly bones.

Then I got my tent set up and got into some dry clothes for a beautiful slumber.

Had I taken too many risks by hiking in the freezing weather?


But there are risks with everything.

Fortunately, I spent enough time planning out my hike and developing contingency plans to keep myself safe.

The next morning, I followed my map and used the tools I brought with me to get me safely to my car so that I could drive home.

I hadn’t planned on falling down a waterfall, but I did have a plan to get from point A of my hiking trip to point B of my hiking trip.

Because I spent the time to plan out my journey, I had an adventure and kept myself safe.

Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary of the US during the Great Recession, often told his partners, “Plan beats no plan.”

One of the secrets that has led to my success is I spend time planning for success.

Once I have my plan, then I act with ferocity to get to point B.

I’m sharing my hiking story with you because this Friday, I’m launching my program, “How to Make More Money Now.”

We’ll go through the simple techniques that will give you an action plan to make more money in your business now.

I’ve created a short video that shares the details of the program.

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I Want Into The Pilot Program

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