Next time you look at another person, ask yourself the following question:

What does that person care about?

Then pause and listen to the answer that comes to your mind.

Do they care about you?


Most people care about themselves more than they care about anyone else.

Oh, that sounds like you are calling people selfish.

Which I am.

I am calling people selfish.

Growing up I heard my parents tell me don’t be selfish.

People are selfish and that is not a bad thing.

In fact, people being selfish is a good thing.

If people weren’t selfish they wouldn’t take care of themselves.

They would be so busy doing for others that they wouldn’t have time to do for themselves.

One of the keys to success is take care of yourself first.

If you are not taken care of, then you will not be of much good to others.

Remember this that what people care about most is themselves.

If you want to motivate people to join your cause then you must figure out a way to align your purpose with their most pressing desires.

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