Nothing changes on the outside until something changes on the inside.

So much of our lives is controlled by the philosophies we believe in.

Our philosophies will either limit us or set us free.

Our philosophies for the framework for how we interact in the world.

To many years of my life I spent trying to get everything just right.

I wanted it to be perfect.

The problem with having perfection as a goal is the moment rarely occurs.

The only thing that I know of that is perfect is a perfect game in baseball.

A perfect game in baseball occurs when the pitcher keeps all 27 batters from making it to first base.

Three batters for each of the nine innings go to the plate to hit the ball and each inning the pitcher gets each and every on of those batters to sit donw.

In more than 150 years of baseball there have only been 23 perfect games pitched.

Over 218,000 games have been played over and only 23 pitchers have pitched a perfect game.

The odds of pitching a perfect game are almost zero.

The odds of us ever achieving perfection in any one thing in our lives is nearly impossible.

Yet why for so many times in my life have I berated myself for not doing something perfectily?

It makes no sense to me that I would be so harsh towards myself.

Yet I want to improve and grow as a person.

What if the imperfections of our moments made us perfect?

Most people fashion their lives around what makes them comfortable.

Comfort is a prison.

It lulls us into a false sense of security.

There is no opportunity in security.

We have to decide that we want to change.

That is the first step is to commit to change.

Will you be one that seeks out comfort or will you be one that seeks out growth?

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