I got sucked into a vortex of my own making.

Somewhere, Someone told me massive action would change my life.

I jumped on board with both feet firmly committed to massive action.

I was going to massive action my way to success.

I was going to do whatever it took to reach my dream.

Then I heard another person say, “If hard work were the answer, then people in third world countries would be rich.”

The truth is massive action on the wrong activities lead to burnout and wasted energy.

I’ve been there many times in my career.

I get caught up in a loop of doing, doing, and more doing.

What I fail to do is look at what I’m doing.

I get so busy that I can’t see the forest for the trees.

Is what I’m working so diligently on right now getting me the results I’m searching for?

If I want to be a stand-up comedian and I never tell jokes, what is the likelihood I will ever make anyone laugh?

If I want to be a writer, than it is critical that I write.

If I want to make money providing services to Realtors, then it is critical that I make Realtors an offer so they can decide if they want to buy my offer.

There is always a critical action I must do in order achieve my desired result.

If I’m not performing the critical action, then no amount of massive action on other activities will make up for my failure to perform the critical action.

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