Running a business is a journey.

The first step is always the most important.

The next most important step is the second step.

If your goal is to grow a million-dollar business the first goal is to earn one dollar.

You can’t get to one million until you get past dollar number one.

Make a dollar is the first goal.

Sometimes it is easy to compare ourselves to others that we perceive as more successful.

It seems as though everything they touch turns to gold.

What we don’t see however is the price they have paid.

We don’t know see all the failures they have had.

Why does it matter any way what someone achieves or doesn’t achieve?

What matters is what I do?

The only thing I can control is what I do.

I can’t control whether someone else buys from me.

What I can control is whether I ask for the sale or not.

I can control how many times I get out there and swing my bat.

Maybe I have to slow down a bit now.

But I don’t have to stop moving forward.

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